Little Moo-Mooooooo..... Maret 2014

As you can see, to embrace the Year of The Ox on Monday what you have here is not piggy bank but cowie bank kekekekek....

Right people, it is our Lunar New Year on Monday (26 Jan 2009) and every household in Singapore is having their very own style of Reunion Dinner on Sunday :D

I was at Waterloo Street Temple last Friday and besides the loud blast of lunar new year songs, I was 'bombarded' with street hawkers literally touting trying to entice me with what they were selling.

I wish I had more time for the celebrative shopping but I knew I can't because first I have a meeting to attend and secondly I can't shop in comfort when I am wearing my heels ;)

These little cute Moo-Moos are adorable and as you can see it is all painted in gold which is auspicious for the Chinese :)

Do you prefer the 2-legged cow or 4-legged ones that really looks like piggy? Cute right?? :D

Yep, the buzz & fuss of preparation just for the celebration dip most people's bank account quite significantly so most would certainly welcome The God of Fortune this new year :D

If not, Japanese Fortune Kitty is gonna help us bring in abundance of luck & wealth too, with gloomy economic backdrop I suppose we could embrace any kind of symbolic gesture isn't it?

Anyway, we're almost done with the shopping just some food items for the Reunion Dinner on Sunday.

My beloved Canon IXUS camera is 'dead' so me just gonna get use to the Sony Camera and hopefully snap some shots for all of you.

If not, I'll just go into my So So Random mode and just blah away for you :D ~ Luv you much buddies!
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