The Garden @ Bishan Maret 2014

I don't take credit for all these amazing shots but I wanna share yet again some pictures Bibiana took over at Steph's place.

As you can see, dark clouds came fast & furious as if engulfing the whole estate.

It was like time stood still for me when I look at the perspective from the len's of Bibiana and I truly appreciated her talent.

I remembered on this day after celebrating Jaycus Birthday, we were supposed to head for home. She told me she wanted to snap some photos and meet us over at the carpark.

Of late she has been hinting to us about some Nikon camera equipments - I am and have never been camera savvy. Sorry Sweetie ;(

What is DLSR or is it DSLR - I am always so confused. I did see some advertisements on D70, D90 Nikon cameras and then again I am just as 'confused' when I saw the pricey tag too ;(

Before I have my very own digital camera I remembered having those 36 prints developed and can you remember those film of negatives that we used to keep for re-print?

I have what you called - an idiot proof camera hahahah....

Next she was sharing with me lomography camera - a camera named Diana?? Cheez...I have lots to learn for sure.

I googled and hey..... there is a Diana+ Camera after all!!! :D Gosh, why Diana???

For now, I am just enjoying her flair in photography and encouraging her full potential knowing she has always been driven.

I am just enjoying her world through her eyes ;)

Now, I'll have to find out more about Diana......(hmm.....why Diana again??)
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