Jaycus Is One!! Maret 2014

My Cousin, Stephanie's Second Son, Jaycus celebrated his 1st Birthday last Sunday :)

How time flies, look at how tiny he was last year when we celebrated his 1st Month Ceremony.

Initially shy with so many family members & friends, Jaycus became excited when he saw his huge birthday cake.

I can see why coz all the adults were equally excited and were WOWED by this lovely cake :)

Happy Family - Mommy Steph with Papa Clifton and two handsome boys - Jayden & Jaycus :)

This Little Sweetie is so cute, this is the first time I see a baby sucking his index finger instead of his thumb hehehe....

All children went home with a pack of mini animal biscuits at the end of the party and I pinched a few pieces too and it's yummy!

Now with such a lovely cake, it is a pity that all of us only get a visual excitement for the duration when everyone sang the Happy Birthday song to Jaycus :D

This colourful cake was gone within the next ten minutes and how I wish I could get 'Nemo' there ;)

Great effort by Steph & Clifton for a wonderful Birthday Party :D
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