So So Random Maret 2014

"If you are not big enough to lose, you are not big enough to win" ~ Walter Reuther

How I love this Walter :)

The meaning is so so deep and I think we all need to have more people with a heart of gold, sense of maturity couple with magnanimity.

Anyway - I just love this quote about a person's character.

Hey I am so random today people :)

I'll just type what's on my mind coz HEY It's my SO SHIOK ya!!! YAY??? Support me blog buddies coz you know I love you all :D

This is our very own Singapore style ;) Ropes are useful to hang laundry as well as public display of patriotism during National Day.

Imagine this scenario, during my childhood whenever it rains, we all shouted "RAIN" and you'll see someone from every household dash out to keep their laundry - so funny so spontaneous.

Gotcha Jayden!!! Now this little cutie pie is non other than Jaycus's Brother. Bibi 'caught' him trying to be cheeky....we all love him.

Sweetest Dalicia pampered me by sending me Emily's Chocolate.

Hmmm....who's Emily?? I don't know but I do know that Emily is Heavenly LOL :)

Now look at this, prior to Emily, she knew I need my chocolate fix and there, she sent me an Emergency Bar and saved me from cocoa deficiency heheheh....thanks Sweet Dalicia ;)

I know it is a delicacy to others but I just hate the tiny octopus (in red colour) served in the cold dish plate during a 9-course Chinese dinner.

Can we have more mini spring rolls please??

Wonder why am I salivating each time I see sour plums, now I think I'll probably grab some tonight after work.....

Nope, then again life is pretty sour already so on second thought, next please.

I love my Brother's pet Queenie so although no pets for me I bet you didn't know that I have Ginger - my virtual pet ya :)

Although Ginger is not furry it is ok, I have a pet ;D

I love everything Japanese but there is something about watching Sumo wrestling that turns me off - Sorry Sumo Fellas!

Want to know what turns me ON? Email me people hahahahah.... ;)

But....hang on, I love my little Sumo bell :) - Yep I know this little fella is fading, any tips to restore and make him shine?

Hey, it's my Aunty Bennett's 70th Birthday tomorrow - Happy Birthday Aunty Bennett sorry I can't catch the next flight out to Birmingham, England.

{{{ Big HUGz }}} You don't look 70 at all!!! Best of Health and I Love You Always :D

I'll call tomorrow, I promise!

I shared Bibi's joy when she's off to Korea for her school's Robotic Competition yet broody when she's not at home.

Airport can be such a happy & sad place ;(

At the departure hall when they checked in to immigration. You keep waving and waving goodbye until they are not within your sight ;'(

Over at arrival hall, our neck just grew longer as we keep sticking out to check out the first passenger that walk out waiting for their luggage ;)

Anyhoo.....she'll be back next week so yep, I'll see if my neck grow longer.

Being so random means I have not been very focused today.

Being so random takes my mind off from stuff that makes me unhappy and I suppose it is good to be random sometimes. Why so serious over nitty-gritty stuff right folks?

Why people kept saying 'opposite attracts'? Maybe for a limited period only, we must have been fooled ;(

Anyhoo one more time, I leave you with my smile coz whoever quote this certainly make my day so I shall leave this quote for you too.

There are hundreds of languages in the world, but a smile speaks them all ;D - So there SMILE people and make my day too :D
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