Colourful Peacock Maret 2014

It has been a while since I visited Sentosa Island until a team building event last month.

So many changes with all the construction going on that I think I still preferred the old charm of Sentosa.

More on the team building folks, I can only say that after running around the island doing the mini 'amazing race' & rafting I think I heard my bones 'cracking' LOL

As my team was navigating with the GPS device given to us, I saw a group of tourists congregating around a small garden.

I 'detoured' and spotted two lovely peacocks :D

I didn't mange to snap the 'full bloom' then only the back side ;)

Just as nice I suppose hehehe....

My patience was wearing thin actually as I knew I have to catch up with my team ya (I was the team leader so imagine I multi-tasked that day) was worth the wait when this peacock 'show-off' its colourful feather :D

Living in a city I thought I'll have to visit the zoo to see a peacock so it was a pleasant surprise to appreciate peacocks in the open space here in Sentosa.

Enjoy them folks :D

Colourful Peacock Maret 2014 | Rizal | 5