Loving 15th March Maret 2014

Time flew by so quickly when you are having fun :D

Yes, Happy Birthday To Me ~ To Me :-)

I'm loving 15th March and appreciated the love & well wishes from my love ones & good buddies too :D

It was a day like no other - D went to work as usual and mentally I had in my mind the household chores, marketing & dishes to cook for the day.

Little did I realise that D secretly took a day off from work and came back at 10.30 am with a heavenlicious chocolate cake with walnut & banana for my Birthday :D

He fooled not just me but the children as well as we kept thinking that he was at work.

So it was really nice to have a surprise from him followed by a Birthday lunch at Hanabi Japanese Restaurant together with my younger Brother as well :D

More about the Japanese food in my next post....hang in there folks hehehe...

Lovely bottle of perfume from my Brother and a pair of Adidas shorts from D (time to hit the gym soon).

Birthday card & a nice wallet from my Aunt Bennett in Birmingham, England.

My buddy, HK went to Paris last February and ever the thoughtful friend she bought me a Louis Vuitton purse.

So now, anybody wants that LV paper bag that I blogged about sometime back ;-)

My other buddy ~ Shy Girl knew I love to moisturize myself after bath so you know why I smell so good kekekek...

I'm blessed.

Happy & blessed :D

I'm loving 15th March because of the love showered on me by all my friends & love ones on this special day.

And yep.....time certainly flew by just when you are having fun and I'm just loving each day of my life right now.

Thank you all my blog buddies too - received all your lovely Birthday wishes through Facebook as well.....MUAH!! :)

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