Hanabi Japanese Restaurant Maret 2014

So, after 'indulging' on loving 15th March - let's eat folks :D

Hanabi Japanese Restaurant is snugged in a corner at King's Arcade along Upper Bukit Timah Road.

Upon entering a giant koi fish greeted us right in the middle of the restaurant.

It reminded me of my trip to Japan and for once we were not greeted by all the sushi on the conveyor bell.

Not a big fan of sake but enjoy seeing rows & rows of sake bottles displayed on the shelves.

Hundreds of dishes to choose from and to be honest, food is secondary when I am with good company, so long as I'm with my family & buddies anything goes ;)

Still, I must say that the California sushi is oh so yummy with my favourite crispy salmon skin. Must try folks!

I am a tofu person so whether it is steam, braised or fried just bring them on!!

I know it is silly not to try the sashimi but nothing raw for me so this plate of salmon & tuna was reserved for D.

Tempura prawns, sweet potatoes, brinjal & lady fingers ~ not oily and very crispy :D

I was hesitant to try the deep fried baby octopus but surprisingly it was really good.
Japanese cold noodles - somehow I never get use to eating cold noodles.

We tried so many other dishes on the menu that I can only manage to show you these few shots folks.

Last but not least, Bibi captured a close up of the hand roll with soft shell crabs. It was so good that we ordered the second helping.

There, anyone popping by to visit me soon? Game to visit Hanabi with me?

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