Tekko's Mickey Maret 2014


I know this Mickey is fading and out of its sheer colours & shine, still I love him :D

Not that I am a big fan of Mickey Mouse but having him on my office phone set reminded me of my old colleague, Tekko aka Christopher Koh.

Can't remember when he left my company (back in the 80s) but just before he left, he gave me this little Mickey as souvenir.

It has been with me since then...... :)

We might not meet for the past twenty odd years, funny how 'close' still through face book & blogging.

So, Koh bet you're glad Mickey is in good hands of mind right? ;)

Cheers to our friendship :D

*Tekko is bamboo in Hokkien, you see Christopher is tall & lean just like a bamboo stick heheheh....
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