Change of Weather Maret 2014

Whoa! It is about time we have dark clouds and strong winds after days of hot weather.

Trust me folks ~ It is so hot that when you dip inside the swimming pool, it's like coming out from the steam bath ;)

Dark clouds looming as if a big blanket just came over to cover the whole estate.

And I love it :D

Is life really boring in black & white?

I love the vibrancy of colours but somehow I tend to reflect & appreciate more when I see pictures in black & white :)

Whoosh!!! All too soon, rain just came without any warning and I heaved a sigh of relief after such a long dry spell.

Very very heavy rain !!

I have this sudden urge to dash right out and let rain splash all over me. I know I'm crazy sometimes ;)

My little South Park buddies are all wet ~ Sorry folks!

Can't see the quarry anymore, only the flash from my camera heh ;)

Isn't this a magical day? Right after the heavy downpour we spotted Rainbow :)

I love the ever changing view from the balcony :D

Hope you've all enjoyed as much as I do too ~ Mwah!!! :D
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