Singapore Flyer Maret 2014

Yep! We took the Singapore Flyer on Saturday and this is the shot by the crew at the Flyer.

Here you see Christine, Lea & Zola, Seemah and me ;)

I have some photos which I snapped and shall upload it as soon as I can.
We were blessed with clear weather just before the rain came.

One of the postcard which I bought of The Singapore Flyer, such a clever shot ;D

I remembered the construction that went on near the Marina & Suntec Convention two years ago and so glad I took the ride on its anniversary ;D

Yesterday was Easter Sunday and we brought Seemah to see the Merlion, visit to the Tooth Relic at Chinatown so I need to sort out the photos as well.

As I am typing this post Seemah is on her way Home Sweet Home back to Los Angeles :D I bet she has lots to share with Naomi :D
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