Qian Hu Fish Farm Maret 2014

It has been a fulfilling Sunday for me and my lady friends volunteering in this WeCare for U activity for a visit to the Qian Hu Fish Farm at Choa Chu Kang.

Very briefly, this project is established to help the single mums with financial assistance, emotional well-being as well as just being their friends.

We recognised the challenges faced by single mums so while the other programs are in the pipeline, we thought a day out with their children would be a fun way to interact & bond with the rest of the single parent too.

We started off with breakfast at McDonald's and we mingled with the single mums and their children.

As I get to know most of the ladies, they were appreciative of our initiative as being a single mums they have to juggle with so many other issues with their ex-husbands that they would not plan a day out like this.

Upon reaching the fish farm, all the kids were given a mini fish tank and a net to 'catch' the fish from the longkang (drain).

We could see the smiles on the mums' face and how joyful the kids were despite being such a hot day today.

Even the mum themselves got into the act to catch as many fishes as possible :)

My girlfriend, SB get into the act to help one of the boy 'compete' in catching as many fishes as possible :D

The kids get to feed the koi as well.

Not forgetting feeding the tortoises too, they are huge.

Now for others who didn't want to try the longkang fishing, how about fish spa? Be prepared to be 'tickled' by the tiny fishes folks!!

Eden who seems to be the one with the most catch. That's because of this hardworking Aunty HK lor :D

At the end of the catch, the staff at Qian Hu helped to pack the fishes for the kids to bring home so it was a delight seeing all the happy faces on board the bus trip home.

After a tiring but fulfilling Sunday, all of us went to Delifrance to rest our feet and have a nice cold drink :D

We love being part of this project helping the single mums, through the interaction and being friends with them we gained alot and most importantly, being blessed ourselves we hope to hold their hands to overcome whatever obstacles they or their children might face.

So, if you know of any single mums that need our assistance, please drop me a line or two ok? Sorry folks ~ applicable only in Singapore only ;)
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