2 Of A Kind Maret 2014

Yep, 2 of a special kind ~ Black or white for you folks?

While shopping at the duty free shop, I had intended to buy a bottle of Absolute Vodka but instead was attracted by the artistic bottle of the Belvedere.

You just have to check this Polish Vodka folks! I might not be an expert but it is more intense and full of dept I must say.

I think it's really nice to be given complimentary shaker to match the exclusive bottles too.

And how about some tips on mixing vodka with other drinks?

D fixed the best for me because I love mine mixed with orange or cranberry juice :D

Besides vodka I do enjoyed my Baileys Irish Cream too, not too much as I 'flushed' easily heheheh....

As for wine, red is fine sometimes but enjoyed white wine more ;)

Anyway, cheers folks! Come over and I make sure D fix you all a hearty vodka drink :) ~ What would you like??
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