Dirty Linen Maret 2014

advertisement sure gives dirty linen a whole new meaning ;)

I've shown you a picture of how folks used to hang their clothes to dry outside their balcony but can you beat this???

If you click for a closer look, you'll see that the owner just hung a total of 20 over bras to dry.

Isn't that strange?? Now, how long do you accumulate your laundry folks?

What was most curious to us (yes I was with my family), only the bras were left outside to dry and we couldn't help laughing.

Oh, maybe this family is the owner of a lingerie shop LOLz.

Hmmm....I wonder if this is from Victoria's Secret spring collection hehehe...... is not very flattering to say the least because these shots were snapped during our Chinese New Year ;(

But, if they hang all their red lingerie then that's a different story all together kekekeke...

Now this is what I call, the airing of dirty linen for public scrutiny :D

Have a wonderful week ahead, how time flies my weekend is ending soon and me gonna miss my sleep again.

Luv you folks and remember to check those bras many did you manage? ;)
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