Quarter Of A Century Maret 2014

Whew! Quarter of a century - has it really been that long?? 25 out of 100 years!!!

I couldn't believe that I've spent the best part of my life to my company heheheh..... :D

Yep! Happy happy, I'm really happy because alot of 'happenings' in my 25 years and I reckoned my tiny little blood cells flow like the shape of 'miniature tpc' ;)

Anyhoo, Long Service Award Ceremony was held yesterday with all Awards presented to all eligible employees by our Managing Director, Mr. Sadatoshi :D

With my bunch of funny yet hardworking guys :D I remembered back in the 80s, most of the technicians had just completed their national service stint and there were 'mass' recruitment to join as shift technicians.

Over the years, I've seen the expansion of the Plants, the hikes of activities during shutdown & safety incidents as well as seeing different faces in different portfolios.
Throughout this period, most colleagues came in as single but now more than half of them are married with children so with that, came maturity of course :D

Just glad that after quarter of a century, friendships forged and still going strong :D

Whew!! I felt so old already. Luckily I'm such a happy Gal too so its' only a number game that's all :D

Yo, how long have you all been in your organisation?
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