Seemah's Visit Maret 2014

We have visitors from America :D

Seemah is a friend of my blog buddy, Naomi. When she wrote and told me about Seemah's visit I was most happy to meet up with her.

Seemah stop-over after her three weeks' holiday in Bali with her Daughter-in-law, Lea & Granddaughter Zola ;)

I met Seemah & Lea at the hotel and brought them to our place for drinks & chit-chat.

We wanted to show Seemah where we lived and also how we go about taking the train to work as well.

We reckoned that other than doing the touristy part of Singapore, visiting our neighbourhood is a nice way to soak in the local atmosphere too.

Happy Seemah with a gift from Singapore ;)

We took them on the MRT train ride to the shopping belt of Singapore - Orchard Road and Seemah was so impressed & fascinated by all the shopping malls especially the crowds :D

Could manage this much in half day so we had a good dinner at Spageddies before bringing them back to the hotel.

We intend to do the Singapore Flyer the next day so hope the weather would be kind to us :D

Wish you are here with us Naomi :D

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