Nadine's Masterpiece Maret 2014

Finally, my package from Amazon arrived on Saturday :D

That's right....I ordered a copy of Prisoner of Circumstance written by my blog buddy Nadine Zawacki

I can't imagine knowing a friend who is an Author and what a great masterpiece for a first time writer having this on sale in Amazon ~ That's so cool ;)

Since I was ordering her book, I ordered the ever popular Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Bloo for Shania too (More about Bloo later ;D )

Prisoner of Circumstance is about a woman, a mobster, a cop, a prophet, murder, betrayal, secrets and choices. I've started two chapters already and can't wait to finish the book.

I knew a few other blog friends ordered her book too and what an accomplishment I must say and I hope her sale of this book would soar.

There Nadine, sorry it took me so long to place an order but it sure feels good to have 'you' in my arms now.

Promise me you'll sign my copy if ever I see you in person ;)
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