Up In The Sky Maret 2014

I love the top of the world feeling :)

Took the London Eye back in Year 2004 then so I was extremely glad that I was able to ride on our very own Singapore Flyer with Seemah, my new friend from Los Angeles :D

The full circle ride took just 30 mins so even if you are afraid of height, rest assured that once you step into the capsule it hardly seems to be moving.

Trust me Lea :D (Coz Lea was glued to the seat throughout her adventure way up high)

We were blessed with clear sky when we were inside the capsule and I'm glad Seemah enjoyed the aerial view of Singapore.

She was fascinated by our floating platform right in front of Marina Bay and the Merlion was so tiny from here that we just knew she has to visit our very own Merlion.

That's the highway travelling right towards our Changi Airport.

As you can see that all too soon, dark clouds 'invaded' our clear sky and it was cool to see the changes of the weather in barely half an hour.

I love this snap shot as one of the capsule reaches the top of the Flyer.

After the ride, happy Christine with Seemah with their radiant smile :D

The Three Cool Gals - don't mess with us ya heheheheh.......

This was snapped when we finished our ride and taken from the souvenir shop - isn't that cool?

I suppose it would be very romantic to ride in the rain, then again no views for sure.

After the rain came sunshine :D A shot outside the Raffles City, can you see the Flyer at the background?

Seemah wanted to visit the ever famous Raffles Hotel and here she is happy to soak in the atmosphere.

Seemah inside the Raffles Hotel Lobby.

From Raffles Hotel, we took a walk to The Carlton Hotel for a Thai Buffet. I was surprised that Seemah is game to try all kinds of food.

Some of the Thai desserts on displayed here, Seemah even tried the durian pudding which to some is rather pungent and don't quite take to it.

You want to know what she had?? She did so well with Thai laksa, pandan wrapped chicken, soft shell crabs, jambu, pulot hitam plus many other sweet kuehs.

Well done Seemah!!

Outside the St. Andrew Cathedral.

It was a very tiring day but can see that Seemah enjoyed herself with us and my friend, Christine.

Like what Christine mentioned, now Seemah has no reason to say that she has no friends in Singapore. She has us :D

More visits in my next post so stay tune folks ;)

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