1000 & One Maret 2014


Yep! There seems to be 1000 & One things floating inside my mind all at the same time.

Endless chores, birthdays, appointments, schedules to remember and not just my own but for the rest of the family members as well. I knew I can't 'rush' things but all are just as important *sigh*

Coupled with that, I have a deadline to meet for my department's budget submission for next year and the kids' exams is just round the corner and although I have not been 'pushing' them I am worried, so worried ;(

I know I have not reached that 1000 & One list here but trust me folks.....lots of nitty-gritties on the card and I'm so frustrated that I can't vent out through running coz Doctor's order ~ No running for the next couple of weeks.....Grrrr.....

Still :D I bet you have your 1000 & One things that is hovering over your head all the time too but here's wishing all you lovely people happy week ahead ;)
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