Go Jap! Maret 2014

I just need a 'punch', a punch of wasabi really :D

Just feel the urge to get that power Oomph! Need to 'knock' myself out kekeke....

Since I have no 'dates' for Japanese food *hint* let me reminisce my indulgence at Sushi Tei couple of weeks ago with Shy Girl & HK :)

Trust me folks coz this Kitty really 'lured' crowds to their restaurant, it was lunch time and literally packed! Now you know why they are placed distinctly next to their cash register?

Freshly made sushi rolled out onto the conveyor belt.......spoilt for choice....ahhh...oops! Sorry I was drooling while typing....kekek....

Just by looking at their menu is good enough to satisfy my craving bet it's the presentation unlike some which merely shows the prices of what they have.
Don't blink your eyes folks! This is BBQ squid, I thought it was going to be tough but surprisingly juicy & tender :)

Next HK ordered teriyaki salmon which was equally good but I am not very much into teriyaki sauce likewise any other meaty stuff cooked with this sauce.

Never ever give this a miss folks! Crispy salmon skins Sooo... SHIOK that I don't mind having another plate. If not for lunch time I'll definitely order sake or even a glass of beer.

Now this is crispy salmon handroll which is again a Must :D Dip in with that ever pungent wasabi folks! Oh I'll have another please................

Hot Pot with vegetables, tofu which is my favourite, lots of mushrooms as well as fish slice - Yum!

Never ever give desserts a miss as you can see we ordered quite a few variety to share. This is ice-cream in waffle and the green tea 'pancake' is just as smooth & creamy. I like the way they freeze the strawberry and stuff it with ice-cream.

Now bet you wouldn't want to miss popping these little ice melon balls! Attack the purple ones first.

Whoa! There! Just Went Jap! Now I'll wait for my phone to ring as I have this gut feel that someone is going to date me soon *wink* heheh.....

Shiok right? :D
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