Phrases of Life Maret 2014


It was wonderful to see the thoughts & comments on my last post Love Matters ;)

Love definitely matters and all the more so as I 'age gracefully' heheh...... in other words as I grew young at heart every year :D

Coming this far in my early 40s now, Ive embraced Single hood, Couple hood, Parenthood & Motherhood.

Single hood - It is all about Me, Me & Me! I 'took-charge' and do what I like, took ownership of my own action and be filial to my parents and be loving to my brothers.

Couple hood - It is all about Us, Us & Us! Oops! Not just two of us but embraced the whole extended family members - That is embracing In-laws too.

Parenthood - It is all about Kids, Kids & Kids! We cannot do what we like anymore, time become "rubber-time" coz the priorities changes. It is a challenge, still is being parents - everything is 'trial & error' coz afterall we are all different mah :)

Motherhood - It is about me inculcating my own values as a Mom and most importantly a good role model to my daughters. Sounds mushy I know but hey no joke being a Mom I'm telling you :D

Despite riding all the different phrases of Hood into the beautiful sunset, I am looking forward to my Retirement hood enjoying my Granny hood kekekek.....

Have a wonderful weekend folks as I chilled out with my family enjoying parenthood :D
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