Nite Shots Maret 2014

Sorry for the long wait for these overdue they are :)

Happy Birthday Singapore :D Portable fan that wishes the Nation Happy Birthday which is cool especially when it gets dark!
Over here.....the water front turns into a 'huge fish tank' as the sky slowly dims into darkness. Look at the front view whereby the fire simply explores into the air.
Look at all the 'tiny fishes' dancing, it was absolutely spectacular and there were 'jelly fishes' floating along the waterfront and I imagined myself 'under the sea' for once ;)
Just different 'colour presentation' of the stage while different segments of shows were performed that night. Love the way they played with the colour as the kaleidoscope of colours reaches out to the spectators - it was awesome!

The Benjamin Sheares bridge were 'decorated' with fireworks and sparkled into the night when the 'Dream of Ship' sailed through it and onto the floating stage.

Finally the grand finale when the fireworks were displayed to signal the end of the National Day Parade 2007.

Once again....Happy Birthday to Singapore ~ The City of Possibilities :D

Definitely One People, One Nation, One Singapore! ~ So Shiok!!!

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