Love Matters Maret 2014

I chanced upon a talk show late last night....not Oprah which was usually on prime-time. I was channelled switching and curious to see the 'adult theme' flashed across the screen, the topic discussed was about women's infidelity to their spouse.

It sets me thinking coz the invited guest - a family therapist mentioned that "We are not adultery-proof"

The truth hurts but come back to reality folks the temptation is all there. Currently, I knew of two colleagues who are in this precarious situation which saddens me coz one is married and the other is single :( All hell broke loose in such an environment especially when children are involved and honestly, no 'fun' for me to be 'burden' with this information knowing that they are 'playing with fire'.

Coming back to "We are not adultery-proof", I am not a qualified family therapist but somehow over the years going through the high & low of a marriage, love certainly matters. I remembered when my honeymoon was over and flew back from Europe I said to myself "Welcome back to reality Shionge!"

It needs a lot of 'give & take' but the problem is sometimes one spouse give too much and the other keep taking kekekek......

I am most fortunate to be a member of the National Family Council which promotes resilient families in Singapore whereby I have access to alot of materials & seminars on such matter in promoting healthy relationship between couples.

I was presented with a 'love box' so to speak ~ "Love Is The Little Things" whereby there's tiny little cards for both partners to 'execute'. A little tool to nudge you along into putting extra spice into a marriage.

Although the talk show is targeted at women I bet the temptation is equally strong for the opposite gender.

Is it because all are running low on energy & love...the initial spark just vanished through thin air? Hectic work schedules coupled with kids & household chores just take a toll on marriage?

There was once a saying that only when one spouse pass on can you proudly say that "She is my wife/He is my husband"

Still, as I get wiser and 'forever young at heart' kekeke.... I do believe that love matters and by loving your spouse and embracing a harmonious relationship would have a positive effect on the children as that sets the tone for a healthy upbringing to be respectful to each other as well.

Oui! I think I'm getting old by talking some philosophy here but hey folks...Love Certainly Matters and since "We are not adultery-proof" may I just nudge you all to put in some Tender Loving Care to your spouse ya! :D

See I have lots of love.....coz I love you all kekekeke....

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