Unusual Rant Maret 2014


I did mention that I have a low threshold for pain.

I also mentioned that I have a high threshold for tolerance.

Sometimes this threshold just hit the boiling point and however high the threshold it might be, it'll be like a floodgate with all tolerance gushing out ;(

This would probably be a subtle ranting but emotionally charged as I 'immersed' myself in my miserable thoughts cooped up in my inner space.

I come across as someone who manages my time very well and deal with issues and problems as it comes. I found 'relief' in confiding with friends whom I trusted but there would be times whereby I let the matter rest just by 'absorbing' within.

I might be happy and cheerful, friendly and magnanimous, chatty and stuff like that but over the years it seems like 'an expectation' of me. But we do have our bad hair day dun we? I do have my fair shares of 'ups and downs' and sometimes meeting the expectation of others could put a toll on me - not sure if you know where I'm coming come?

See, I dun like to mince my words if I want to put a point across to someone if I know they are wrong. Ironically, I retracted coz I didn't want to hurt the other person too as it makes me feel lousy to deal with people with huge ego, bigot and self-opinionated. (Or could it be the reverse? Could it be I was the one who is afraid to be hurt?)

Can't help but reinforce this today that "Bad People Certainly Suck & Nice People Merely Swallow" *sob*

Hmm...maybe it's the torrential rain today that makes my mind ran wild. Now that I've posted this, I'm fine just a usual emotional baggage that's all.

Most importantly I must recognise that I'm truly blessed as compared to others and just a unusual rant that will fade away soon......thanks for reading ;'D

(29 Aug 2007 Update)

If only I could, I would folks! I wish I could spread my wings and let you hop on board .

Unfortunately I could not :'( ~ One World, One Dream does it sounds familiar? Do wait up for me and for sure you know I'll be missing you more than ever. (Be back next week)

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