Fruitful Seminar Maret 2014

It was not just another seminar organised by our Women's Committee but an opportunity for women job-seekers to find new jobs and also assisting employers to get a good match.

Well...long story cut short but basically it was a tripartite effort to encourage women back to the workforce and the turnout was superb.

(L-R) This is Mrs. Lim Hwee Hua, our Minister of State for Finance & Transport, Ms. Shelley Siu and our Deputy Sec-Gen Madam Halimah.

It was a pleasant surprise to meet Shelley again as the last time we met was on a study trip to Japan back in 2001. Guess her age folks! You would never imagine she is more than 65 years old, I am not kidding you :)

Shelley started The Singapore Shawl and gave older women an opportunity to work for her. The audience was inspired by her relentless effort in training the older women and at the same time offered them part-time work too.

These are not hot babes or supermodels modelling the shawls designed by Shelley although there was a Mrs. World there. Some are breast cancer survivors and kudo to her effort for motivating some of them by giving them employment opportunity.

Now you can imagine the support level from fellow Singaporeans after her speech huh? Job-seekers were queueing at her booth after the seminar.

Isn't this a small world too that on this day I met two friends last seen in 2006 while I was volunteering at Boon Lay Community Centre. Jennifer & Janice were shocked to see me and yep, good to know that we are all doing well :D

So there, I had a very tiring Saturday followed by shopping in the afternoon with my children.....heheh I was so 'beaten up' at the end of the day that I was pampered with a nice dinner and ZZzzzzzzzzzz all the way till Sunday hehehe......

Today is just another day.....just another week......another new blog week kekeke... :D

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