Medical Review Maret 2014

Although I did mention that I was back on the 'dance floor' ..... the intermittent pain & cramp did cause some discomfort and what a bad timing or should I say 'co-incident' that the 'lady in red' decided to 'visit' during this time *sigh*

Oh well....I am having a medical review with Dr. Chin tomorrow and I hope to get the all clear as I really need to head back to office to clear up all the assignments at my desk.

It's good to have a complete rest for the past one week and I did catch up on lots of beauty sleep still I felt so 'useless' as I was told not to carry heavy stuff & do household chores.

Hope I'll get the all clear and that it would not be so gloomy as this picture over my balcony couple of days ago :)

I'll post the night view of the parade tomorrow.....bye and wish me luck :D
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