Heart Pounding Maret 2014

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Whoa! My blood pressure shook up ten folds and my heart was stuck in my throat for two solid hours!

I love it :D

I was at the edge of my seat, freezing at the same time coz aircon was really cold, cover my eyes during the nerve-wrecking scene and honestly folks - my heart was pounding non-stop.

Trust me!

Go for some thrill & action and have a unforgettable evening with your love ones or friends coz I did :D

We watched the re-run of Bourne Identity & Supremacy to refresh our memory prior to the premiere of Bourne Ultimatum so both of us were looking forward to this show.

Most importantly as mentioned in Love Matters - it was a simple date of making a point of catching a movie together as we used to and dinner though not candle-light was just as sweet :D

So there - Go rock it with Matt Damon in Bourne Ultimatum ya!!
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