National Day Preview Maret 2014

I was most fortunate to receive four invitation cards to attend our National Day Preview on 28 July 2007 at the Marina Bay.

Yep! It is two days to our Nation's 42th Birthday :D ~ I was told when Bibi downloaded my pics that I have captured a total of 200 over shots that day..... hmm.....need a spare memory card next time.

This is the Marina floating platform since our National Stadium is making way for a new one.... can you see the parachute of the Red Lions ? I think that's a cool name to give the Commandos :D

It took us one and half hour to clear the security and it was worth the wait......we donned our red T-shirts & white pants and yep....we had a blast!!

The mood was patriotic, cheery as all came in mostly red & white with lots of goodies for everyone which is awesome and the Mexican waves was most spontaneous to say the least.

This is a really special year of celebrating our Singapore's Birthday with aerial display of aircraft & marine police all decked out in full force. There were thunderous roar by all spectators when the F16 flew past our seats :D

Now don't fool around with these Commandos....... it was so cool especially when some kind of James bond music were played ;)

Over on our left is our Benjamin Sheares bridge and the Commandos did a free fall too from the bridge and fireworks illuminated the skylines when it gets dark.
The National Anthem was sang by all when our giant flag was hailed from afar by the Chinook & helicopters. I was told that this giant flag weighed 63 kg.
I'll try not to spoil the fun as some of my friends would be attending the National Day Parade on August 9 but I'll post some night scenes & fireworks tomorrow then.

Hope you've all enjoyed this :D
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