Radiant Maret 2014

Just like this lovely yellow capsicum ~ my days were radiantly packed :D

Sorry for the 'silence' folks - just tooooo......exhausted ;( but oh...coupled with that I did encounter come problem when I log on blogger though.

But first...let's look at this yummy looking yellow pepper - I fell in love with it the moment I picked it up at the market :)

Such a sweetie that it would be a shame to have to cut it & sink my teeth into them...kekekek....

Cut & chopped I did! Sorry *blush*

Had it with my salad coz it would definitely be a shame to let it perish so there...... :) Anyhoo....I'm glad I've captured this beautiful sight ~ Do you ever feel this way when you pick up fresh vegetables? I do and I really treat my fresh fruits & vegetables with tender loving care :D

So.....yes.....lots of stuff on my plate and it's radiantly packed as I was just saying and I'm so tired! Meetings, work, household chores,' assignment.....the lists just add on and on........

The weather is getting hot and I supposed that's why the body immunity system is not coping well too. I was gasping for breath after 20 minutes at the treadmill that I thought I was going to call in sick on Monday.

Oh well......I survived~ Yayay!!!

Okie Dokie! I'll let you go for now and enjoy this yellow radiant capsicum ok? Drooling now ;D ?

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