Local Delicacy Maret 2014

As promised......some local fares to stimulate your appetite perhaps ya? :D

Lots & lots of coconut trees so how about some coconut juice before I take you on a virtual food tour huh?

Look at those abundance of juicy coconuts! It costs about $1.00 Singapore Dollar just to have one whole fruit and that's what some of us did.....sipping coconut juice, chilling out with Anchor beer under the shades enjoying the sea breeze. Ahhh.....this is life :D

That's the closest I could get near the leaves so it was pretty cool to be under the shades.

Loads & loads of coconuts and as you can see on the right, the lady is chopping off the top of the fruit for her customers.

Now this is something very interesting but I was not gutsy enough to have a go at it folks! Sorry about that.

This is their version of coconut rice, it is not just plain rice but glutinous rice so yep, it was very filling just by having a piece of this.

Would you have a go at it? Tell me about it ya?

Lots of fresh catch neatly displayed for basically choose your seafood and the shop owner would net it out and have it weighed.

But 'handling' the fish is really a different story and I chose to censor it so as not to ruin the joy of local delicacy ok?

I have never seen so many different types of sea-shells including sea-urchins ~ It was absolutely amazing and just as fascinating.

Now the fresh flower crabs fried with spring was aromatic and sorry I did not have a go at it again because I've just visited the dentist remember... kekekek.......

Sea-shells & cockles cooked with dried chilli & ginger, it sure goes well with plain rice and for the guys it certainly goes well with their beer - *burp* Oops! Sorry ya :D

Too many good dishes and many other types of their local vegetables which I have never come across here in Singapore.

One thing for sure & guarantee though ~ it is 100% organic hehehe....

Now I'm not kidding and as yummy as it looks I let this dish passed though. This is none other than their traditional Hainanese Lamb Knuckles ~ Stewed!

Sure smell very fragrant, looked appetizing & devilish :D I don't doubt the locals' epicurism as far as this dish is concerned coz I would tuck in too if I grew up in Hainan Island :)

Look! My Muslim Pal, Midi enjoying his hand-made noodle upon our arrival on the first day :)

Now too much good and wide spread of seafood ain't gonna do us any good so it was back to basic in the plain porridge with salted vegetables which is my favourite :D

There, I hope I've shared some food culture with you, what is your favourite huh?

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