Shionge In Hainan Maret 2014

Thank you Pals for waiting for me and yes, I do appreciate your 'cocoa beans' you leave at my previous post :D

Anyhoos......I'm back and I'm so happy to be catching up with all of you.

I went to Hainan Island in China with my Committee Guys on a CA Preparation cum Team Building.

Oh it was Hot! Hot! Hot!

And it was Shiok! Shiok! Shiok! too Kekekek....... (Travelling by Tiger Airways is really another story for another time though) ~ It was up close & personal, managed to capture this shot prior to boarding.

So 10 of us arrived safely on the first day at Haikou, Hainan Island and waiting for our road trip to Sanya which is our next destination that took us three hours.

It was a scenic ride though tiring I was very impressed to have an excellent sea view when we checked in at Yehai Hotel @ Sanya.

That's me at the hotel balcony and as you can see, lots of coconut & palm trees lining the coast line definitely an island paradise if not for the scorching hot sun.

Anyway....before rest & relax, it was straight to business the next day. We had a productive & fruitful discussion as this is our Collective Agreement year....this preparation meeting served as a final compilation before our proposal to our Management upon our return to Singapore.

Mission accomplished (In Midi's hand) and we are all set to let our hair down and ready to move out to our local tour :D ~ It's our bonding time folks!

It was off to Sanya Nanshan Cultural Park where we visited the Goddess of Mercy Statue & the Buddhist Temple as well.

I felt peace & calmness within me having this opportunity to visit the largest statue of the Goddess of Mercy :)

We took the tram ride within Nanshan Park and this shot was captured near the Buddhist Temple whereby we could see the statue from here. On this day, it was really a hot & humid day.

Getting closer to the prayer platform and I was totally overwhelmed being so 'close' to her and having my faith renewed & prayer answered.

I could never get enough of her and there were far too many pictures taken of her at different angle.

A group picture of us with Goddess of Mercy behind.

Dark clouds looming around the park and I've enjoyed looking at the magnificent view.

Visited a few temples within Nanshan as well and one could just feel the tranquility, it was so serene and undisturbed.

Not many tourists on this day so to me, it was a perfect day to soak in the quietness of a Buddhist Temple.

Golden statue of the Laughing Buddha.

A few of the other statue in the Temple (sorry I do not know their names).

Another Buddha which is again very majestic & magnificent to say the least.

More of the Buddhist statues on the other side of the temple.

Me praying for good health & happiness for everyone in the family :D

Whew! Bet you must be exhausted by scrolling down my post today so I'll blog about the local food tomorrow.

In Hainan Island, most of the people speaks their local dialect which is in Hainan and D comes from Hainanese family so I could understand their lingo so no problem at all :D I get to speak some too when I was there.

In my group, there were two Malays & two Indians and it was their first visit to China so a totally new experience for them to embrace another culture. I'm glad they have enjoyed it.

I'm beat now and will be catching up with your blog soon.

Once again, a Big Thank You for waiting for me and you have all been missed folks! :D

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