Splenda Goodies Maret 2014

I have no idea I am now a proud owner of an iPod Nano :D

All thanks to D's company for being so generous and not just iPod Nano but lots of Splenda goodies too!

He was not able to attend his Company's Dinner & Dance @ The Marina Mandarin due to his work last Friday and guess what? Every employee received a big paper bag full of goodies and everyone who attended the dinner got an iPod Nano! So Cool!

Not only that, lo and hold just take a look at all the gifts for all the staff - I was totally overwhelmed when we took out all the items.

A very nice aerial view of the Plant at Jurong Island which to me, is a wonderful keepsake :) Specially air-flown from the US ~ sachet of splenda, lemonade & syrup as well can you believe that!!! I couldn't stop myself from exploring all the items folks!

More sugar sweetness for the whole household, table clock to remind all staff that being punctual is a virtue kekeke......

Some jelly beans with splenda of course :D

So thanks to the Management.....we are not only just the Splenda family folks coz with that iPod Nano now, we are offically the proud family of iPods too ;)

As I would not be travelling to the States soon but was told that there is a "Zero" Pepsi with Splenda too.....look out for me in Walmart ya ;-)
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