Danish Pal ~ Anja Maret 2014

This is my Danish pal - Anja & her two sons - Mathias & Casper.

I have no idea she went to Thailand recently for a family holiday else I would have fly over to catch up with her.

I started corresponding with Anja when we were 14 years old and yup....that means we would have been pals for 29 years :D

During my time, having penpals is the favourite past time and I have so many penpals all over the world that has since become very close friends.

Anja and me practically 'grew up' together as with Karen who is from England. We started writing when we were teenagers so we have been through different stages of our 'life-cycle'. From courtship till motherhood now.

This is Anja's handsome boys - Mathias (10 yrs old) and Casper (7 yrs old)

Back in 1995, I met Anja & her hubby Bo in Copenhagen when we were on board the Cruise from Sweden to Denmark. It was amazing meeting after corresponding for such a long time that we hit it off just like that old chums ;)

Although only stayed for two days in Copenhagen, we managed well with her being our host but most importantly it was the bonding and sharing the joy together. I remembered Anja decorated the envelopes with lots of lovely stickers and it is such a joy receiving letters from her ;D

Time flies, we have both become Mothers to our children and we continued to stay in touch through emails and greetings during festive occasion. I can't wait to see her again and it was a pity that we have missed this chance.

Now.....blogging is just like corresponding with penpals of yester-years. It seems like an extension to what I did before, enriching myself through blogs and making friends with all my blog buddies from all over the world :D

I am very confident that I will get to meet some of you soon, if not, someday soon :D

Have a wonderful weekend folks!

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