Computer Games Maret 2014

I'm not really a computer game person until the latest frenzy hit the office this month ;)

Suddenly out of the blue, our lady colleague came with a thumb-drive full of computer games and viola......the challenge began kekekeke.......

Look at this Big Kahuna Reef game.......a total of 100 levels with different patterns & graphics just get everyone excited at the office.

By the way....I managed to clear all the 100 levels so the desire has diminished...LOLz

This Bubbles is just as fascinating coz we were not able to record our scores and not able to set to 'professional' level so to speak. (Yo...look that my mug with that little kitty......used them since 1984, yep not kidding at all ;D)

We just love it coz the sound of bursting bubbles simply set the adrenaline soaring high :D

In case you are wondering folks, there's plenty of work and not just play. The challenge began when lunch bell struck at 12.15 pm coz most of us lunch-in at our desk :D

With this post.....let me show you some cute little toys I have collected over the years. These little cuties used to be my daughter's toys when they were young. Some collected when we purchased MacDonald kids' meal.

Instead of discarding them away now that the children are older.....they certainly brought back fond memories for me :D

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