"Monthly Issue" Maret 2014

I have a "monthly issue".

It is not nice :'(

I think I am not alone.

I have to deal with endrometriosis, cramps, aches not just the tummy but headache coupled with nauseating and I'm not making up the stories folks - Ohhh.....please pity me *sob*.

This "monthly issue" started many many years ago when body transformation takes place and I have no control over it although deep down I wish I could have a reset button every month kekeke.....

Anyway.....I wonder why mother nature played "tricks" on me before & after pregnancy. Hmmm.....before I get "promoted" to be a Mommy there were no issues at all. It was just a was smooth-sailing so to speak :)

Now, it has been a slow start to all the pain & cramps :( Worst nightmare came after my cyst operation and it was all hell break loose. I just can't describe that excruciating pain - yes I wish you all could just feel this pain that is always so unbearable Waaawaaa...... :(

I knew the "issue" is creeping up when I have this sudden craving & urge for chocolates and just a sip of water makes me feel so bloated up! No kidding folks.

Yes....I have to bear with this "issue" every month folks and yes I hate my visit to my gynaecologist every six months knowing that something is 'brewing' in my sensitive tummy :(

So c'mon guys...shower some tender loving care to your significant half who has to deal with this every month. We'll love you more when you empathize with us ya!!! :D

*Sigh*...just a normal "monthly issue" - no worries lah :D Just wanna share this that's all!

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