Strike It Maret 2014

It's NOW or NEVER!

I chose NOW!

I chose to "Strike It" when the time is right & appropriate to send the message across.

Yes there is other channels & avenues but it would be a slow process and the magnitude of impact would not be felt as much.

I love the opportunities given to Unionists to voice concerns and to be able to engage in constructive conversation & dialogues with different Ministers. opportunity to engage the Minister of Transport, Mr. Raymond Lim yesterday at Marina Boulevard.

The issues raised by others were fast & furious over public transport issues and getting this 'fire' in me as a Jurong Islander......I just have to get it off my chest.

I felt compelled to speak on the transport issue because since the road link in April 1999 (previously by sea travel), although the authorities are facilitating the private buses but really a more comprehensive transport system need to be in place.

On 4 April, an ambulance was caught in a massive traffic jam at the security checkpoint and with the increasingly large number of private & commercial vehicles, rescue work became a hindrance.

I am worried & concerned as we are all working in a very hazardous environment. A proper system must be in place for vehicular movement.

Being a big chemical hub and the influx of investors on this island proliferating, I highlighted to the Minister on the need to review the vehicle movement & to accelerate the planning of an efficient transport system at the Island.

Given this platform to engage him.......I just don't know where I get the courage in front of 500 over Unionists that night but I took out a bus coupon and invited him to take on a bus ride with me to Jurong Island :) ....... before I could react, I simply walked up to him and handed him the coupon ~ I have time to think of what I've done.

Oh Well....I've got rid of this 'burning' desire to highlight my point and there I'm glad :D

The 'ball' is over at his Ministry's court kekekkee....... plan now for future needs is oh so important ya!
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