Spiderman 3 Maret 2014

Yo! Hi! Howdy! :D Happy Labour Day and you bet folks we did have a blast today on Labour Day coz it is the premiere of SPIDEY ~ our Superhero :)

What a day! We went to Warren for two hours of badminton/gym work-out and took our time to hit town for Spiderman 3.

Big mistake not to book online coz it has been such a long time since we see such a long queue for movie.

We were so frantic as we snaked inch-by-inch to the ticket counter..... while queueing, I called my brother to see if an online booking could be established. We were all looking forward to this blockbuster and you wouldn't believe this but even though we have watched Spiderman 1 & 2 at the theatre, but because of Spidey-3 we went on a Spidey Marathon two weeks' ago. Yep.....consecutively two movies at one go to get into the mood for this kekekek......

Anyhoo......queued for about 45 minutes and managed to catch the 3.45 pm show :D Relief? You bet!

With about an hour to kill, we went to Swensen's for some ice-cream yum-yum!!! A treat for the family after our morning exercises.

How's this banana split ice-cream folks! You'll enjoy it for sure.

Nothing gonna stop me from having my favourite sticky chewy chocolate cum crunchy ice-cream. No more chocolate for the rest of the week as I've reached my chocolate threshold heheh........

So there......a busy day out and we enjoyed Spiderman 3 very much :D You bet we're gonna watch the DVD when it's out next. Go Get Him Folks :D

Post-Mortem on D&D

Hey....sorry for the delay about the Arabian Fantasia Nite last Saturday. Yep, I did have a good time but the program leaves much to be desired really.

I did not manage to capture alot of shots throughout the dinner as I was busy being the host for the VIPs so my apology please.

Table setting for the 9-course dinner, I do like the colour combination of the crockery sets & table cloth though.

Two belly-dancers stole my friend's (Hudson) heart that night :D He wanted his photo taken with the dancers so here it is just to make him happy.

No luck for me when it comes to lucky draws but did have a good nite getting to know more invited guests :D

So there....give me Spidey anytime folks kekekek....... :D

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