Whopee Day :D Maret 2014

Here's wishing all my blog buddies Whopee "Happy Mother's Day!!" :D

I bet everyday is "Happy Mother's Day" when our children are well taken care of, in good health, obedient and basically everything nice ;)

So on this day ~ Yep! I was pampered!

Yep! Yep! I was LOVED! Kekekek........

Lovely lovely cards from Shan, lots of pictures, lots of 'I Love You' :D

(I truly appreciate her gesture & thoughtfulness in expressing her thoughts through her cards. I was never like that when I was at her age and I truly felt blessed :D)

(Next, Bibi strummed her first song for me on Saturday which makes me happy & proud of her at her own achievement :D)

Nothing indulgent as I know the mounting buzz in the city due to Mother's Day whereby all children in Singapore will be treating their Moms to fine dinning so I chose to stay home and be 'Queen' :D

So, D & Bibi baked me a chocolate cheese cake which is heavenly and topped it off with strawberries & kiwis which really melted my heart.

There, I did rest on this day - to the fullest that jogging took a back seat. I wish that all of you lovely Moms out there will be loved & be pampered too.

Whopee Day Ladies :D

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