B i B i A n A Maret 2014

Ahh...... my girl ~ B i B i A n A

Missing her for the past two days as she is currently away for her school's Adventure Camp at Dairy Farm.

Just want to share some sunrise photos she took one morning before she leaves for school. It's good to see her flair in photography and I've enjoyed her 'view'.

I walked to Dairy Farm this evening - a very good 45 minutes walk listening to my ipod. The campfire was not set up when I was there but it was good to see her and as she spread the beat of the excitement with me.

She did the flying-fox couple of times and totally exhausted when I saw her this evening.

Two days away from home and we missed each other so much, just by listening to her tone last night I knew she misses us just as much ;)

Bibi's shadow ~ Cool :D

Trainers getting the fire started.

I was glad I went to join in the campfire and had the opportunity to interact with her Literature & Robotic Teachers. They told me Bibi is a hardworking girl getting along fine with her peers and most importantly has shown leadership quality as well.

By sunrise tomorrow, she would be home and yeah.....lots to share and I bet she misses her bed just as much lor kekekek.....

Yeah!!! I'm so happy :D She Rocks!

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