My "Hero" Maret 2014

Yep! My "Hero" is none other than a bottle of odourless Shieldtox heheheh.........sometimes it could be Sheltox or even Baygone but last was Mr. Shieldtox.

He saved me from that yucky creepy crawlie, about 1 to 2 cm long, black colour and looks as if he was about to flap his pair of wings and 'attack' me.

Eeeeee.......I Screamed! I shouted for D through my biggest lung and yelled 'COCKROACH'!!!!

Everyone ran into a frenzy as I saw this enormous creature crawling in my kitchen! Hey....what's this pest doing here in my kitchen? I've just mopped & cleaned the house the day before???? But then again, although we stayed on a high floor, we do have pests flying into our apartment.....once it was a beetle, bees & moths :)

But Yiieeee....having cockroach is my worst nightmare :(

I had wanted to upload a picture of this pest but that would not be So Shiok anymore right? I don't feel Shiok to have a picture of cockroach here honestly heheheh.... knees went weak alright....cockroach is one of my greatest fear. I hated it and I'm not afraid to confess my greatest fear folks. real Hero (aka Dar dearest) grabbed Mr. Shieldtox and there goes the creepy-crawlie no more :D

What's your most hated pests folks? I bet cockroach is one of them huh? Remember to keep a bottle of insecticide by your side ok?

Note to the Producer of Fear Factor:

Sorry I have to reject your kind invitation to me to participate in the next new season of Fear Factor - Asian Tour series.

Even if you are magnanimous to make a special concession just for me to only eat one tiny little cockroach for US$50,000 I am sorry to disappoint you and your crew as I am not gutsy enough to stomach one tiny little pest for US$50,000.

Thank you for your generous & kind offer...I'll pass it to any of my blog buddies who are brave to appear in your next Fear Factor series once they let me know they are interested ok?

Don't call me.....I'll call you kekkek........Oh....I don't mind US$25,000 if you BBQ that pest though heheheh.....
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