Sweetie Dalicia :D Maret 2014

Sweetie Dalicia did it again :D

She surprised me yet again with another package! Yep....she 'spoilt' me big time and I felt so pampered :D

Thank you so much Dalicia Mei Mei (Sister) ~ you are way too kind and you have shown that one don't need any special occasion to show your gesture & wishes ;)

I have lost count on how many times the postman came by to personally deliver your parcel and this afternoon, the kids were in school and my Mom-in-law was happy to receive this at home :D

What fun to 'explore' the parcel folks and Shan was happy to help me check it out :D I must add that Dalicia has brought cheers to us as we tried to guess the content of the box.

Look! Altoids Dark Chocolate Dipped Mints with Ginger ~ So cool :D

Hmmm......I was just about to make myself a cup of green tea when lo and behold......two boxes of green tea bags from her. sweet really! I usually have Japanese green tea so good to have a go at Stash Green Tea :D

Next....something very unique and it is none other than Ginger Peach! I was intrigued Dalicia ;O

Gypsy Tea? Now this is the first time I come across this special blend which states that Georgia Peach melds with the heat of spicy ginger for a sensation that is as encompassing & sweetly, complex as your life ~ Whoa that's cool!

Can't wait to enjoy this when we chill out over the weekend - We'll be thinking of you Dalicia :D

Once again......A Big Hug & A Big Thank You Mei Mei :D ~ We truly appreciate your kind thoughts and gesture, luv you much!

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