ROM Maret 2014

Here's the couple's after the solemnisation yesterday :D

Ai Tee was so nervous when she exchanged the vow that there were times she paused and luckily the Registrar Ms. Mildred guided her through :)

This is Mildred (she is the Registrar) signing in the guests' book prior to the solemnisation.....she is one special lady whom I got to know and I would be dedicating a separate post about this wonderful lady. I hope I'll come round to doing this soon.

I thank my lucky star to have crossed path with her and she was so kind to accept Brother's invitation to come on by on this date to solemnised the marriage :D

Bet you wouldn't believe that all of them are childhood friends since primary school :) This is absolutely wonderful to continue this special bond from young to young adults, I was impressed and I wish them well as they start their careers in different industries.

Wedding photo taken couple of months ago ~ yo so pretty & smart hor :D

What a lovely message written by one of the invited guest ~ "Things U Need In Marriage" :D

This is a cute & nice message from their friends too :D

Whooo...just love the flowers and rose petals all over the desk feel so romantic like that ;)

Then of course we can't let the guests hungry after the solemnisation so off to the buffet spread. I was feasting on the trays of desserts rather than the main course so there......lots of mini cheesecakes & fruit tarts oh gosh....I lost count on how many I had ....oops!

This is mini egg-tarts (some sort like custard) and I think by putting two orchids on this tray of lovely yellow egg-tart brings out the colour so vividly :)

There! We had a great time and I'm so happy that they have found each other, wishing them blessed marriage and happiness always :D
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