Cheers @ The Line Maret 2014

Low & Jo :D

On this beautiful night....a bunch of us went to The Line @ Shangri-La Hotel to celebrate Low's 35th Birthday. We had a blast indulging in the soothing music wtih good spread of buffet and most importantly, lots of yakking & catching up to do :)

Good Ambience! Good Food! Good Wine! Good Company! :D

Ahhh......Cheers @ The Line over at The Shangri-La Hotel :D

So folks! Are you all ready for this gastronomic ultimate food indulgent and don't blink your eyes for once.....just look at the dessert and I bet you are going to catch the next flight out to visit me kekekek......

I stopped & stared at this strawberry tart with blueberries sprinkled all over it and I couldn't help salivating and almost on the verge of drooling in front of other diners kekek....

Nobody is gonna fault this lovely yummy presentation and yep, lots of chopped pistachio nuts at the side too.....oh I'm dying for one now folks :D

Feasting on the display of desserts is enough to make you full and such a shame to disturb the trays of desserts & fruits.

Lovely raspberries and melon balls neatly laid on top of long custard tarts we simply take each small trays as we moved along the dessert spread.

Having a chocolate fountain is a common sight now in most places but the first Shangri-La Hotel took the trouble to stick the strawberries & cookies so that diners need not fumble clumsily.

I couldn't help tempting you folks but honestly, I have lost count on the number of items they offered and hey.....hold on tight folks...this is only desserts, jelly & green tea ice-creams :D

Shhhh......I know I should be feeling guilty now but shhh...hush hush I had two of these yummy chocolate mousse with dark chocolate chips & almond biscuits ;)

All kinds of toppings for ice-creams ~ from nuts to gummy bears, you name it folks they have it and it looks just like a candy store :D

Alright....alright I'll have mercy just last two display of desserts and here you have some of our local kueh (cakes) which again is my favourite.

So are you really to move on to the rest of the 'attraction'? Sorry, I couldn't help introducing the sweet first kekekek.....

Don't you think the prawns & oysters are cleverly displayed? They looked so fresh and they are I'm telling you ya!

Sushi anyone? Or how about crayfish & fresh tuna or salmons perhaps?

I know I am very 'evil' but I almost fainted when I saw the fresh oysters from different parts of the world being offered to the diners.

The chef was standing behind the oyster chose the oysters that you wanted and they would open them for you ~ So cool & awesome!

I know it is getting exhaustive with this ultimate cuisine and I must add that they have lobsters BBQ by their chef and another counter was offered with the Indian cuisine.

Sadly I have to forgo some of the food due to reserve for my desserts kekekek.....

That's all for now but if you are game enough to join me or if you happen to come by Singapore....remember the buffet of all time offered by The Shangri-La @ The Line :D

Oh.....almost forgotten....Happy Birthday Pal, hope you have an unforgettable time with us :D

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