Ms. Wisdom vs Mr. Gummy Maret 2014


I knew it....."Always Expect The Unexpected"

*Sob*........ *Sniff*

I knew "The Unexpected" is coming and I am currently in self-denial mode :(

You see folks, there is this 'Ms. Wisdom' (er....we do have couple of wisdom thingy in anyway...

Oh see, 'Ms. Wisdom' is 'crying' out loud within me coz 'Mr. Gummy' is giving her a hard time.
In other words, wisdom tooth is fine but the gum is not *Sniff*

It makes me think at the back of my mind that isn't this sounds just like in a Marriage?
Sometimes hubby getting on the nerve of the wife and the wife not giving any space to the hubby kekekekek.....Still, they have to be together to nurture the relationship stronger isn't it?

Hmm...probably not a very good example but oh my gosh......please Mr. Gummy kindly give Ms. Wisdom a break ya!!!

Pleaszzzzzzzzz.......... :'( I don't wanna visit the dentist again Waaaaahhh..........
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