Hiya Folks! Maret 2014

Hiya Folks ;D

Sending some cheers to you after penning a letter to Ms. Rowling, I must pen one for all my blog buddies too ya :D I hope that just like me you are enjoying today as well as the week ahead.

I am thrilled & happy and I bet you could hear my heartbeat from outer space....yep.... not kidding :) ~ Er....ok I was only kidding but bet you could hear them if you come nearer to your monitor screen now kekeke.....

First, I have the all clear from my gynae this morning & just one more test to go even though it sends jitters down my spine (who wouldn't really)

Next.....Hip Hip Hooray! This year I finally manage to get tickets to the National Day Parade, even though it is the preview it meant so much to be able to be on that new parade square this year at the Marina :) Shall share this experience with you after the preview.

Last but not I fully maximize my precious time and manage to clock 2.8 km in less than 20 minutes :)

Until then, not much happening on a Monday but I sincerely wish that you would all stop to smell the roses and enjoy this precious day :D

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