Fren's Comfort Maret 2014

I thought I was strong and brave.

I have took on any challenges with much gusto & positive attitudes.

Still, there were times when I 'crumbled' and worries over-powering my optimism :(

Something is 'brewing' inside me and I know only a positive mind would overcome this gnawing jitters that is hovering over my mind.

I have a follow-up consultation with a specialist last Friday and you could hear my heartbeat pulsating so loud wtih shivers & sweat down my spine....... honest :(

During this 'difficult' time, D is unable to be with dearest friends gave comfort with morale support & encouragement.

Shy Girl
took half a day off to accompany me to the Specialist and from the bottom of my heart dear pal.....thank you much. I might look fine but deep is bad so your presence really meant alot to me.

Thank you too to friends like Mary, Vivi and H. Keow who offered to take time-off to accompany me and constant messages through my cell phone relentlessly supporting me.

Friend's Comfort meant so much giving me the strength to overcome this and I certainly do need abundance of them as the 'brewing' continues till the next visit :'(

Thank you Shy Girl :) for being there with me, appreciate it pal!
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