Happy Birthday Kor Maret 2014


Happy Birthday to my Kor Kor (Big Brother) :D

Kor Kor is older than me by two years and I remembered before younger Brother came along, being the 'baby' then I was the 'Big Bully' to him kekekek.....

Every damages done has always been "....Kor did it!"

Every time when we 'fight' it has always been ".....Kor beat me!"

Everytime I finished my sweets, I would always ask him "....Kor give me some!"

Hahahah....time flies! Many many more childhood memories, I am still very much the 'baby' in his eyes and with younger Brother in the family, he is the real baby now :D

Happy Birthday Kor and many many happy returns :D

It is the Company's Annual Durian Feast at the work premises this afternoon ~ Yep! Foodie time again hehehe...

As the photos are still being uploaded at work place, I'll share that event next week....meanwhile read on about last year's pungent durian event first ok?

Durian Feast 2006

Have a Happy Day folks :D

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