Vegetarian Bee Hoon Maret 2014

It's foodie time folks :D

I can't remember if I've introduced my vegetarian bee hoon but since I was frying some last night for D's lunch today, I snapped some pictures to tempt you kekekek.....

Bee Hoon is also known as vermicelli and there's always a packet in the kitchen. It is really simple.....when I came back in the evening from work, I soak about half a pack, roughly about an hour or so and remember, only the Red Chilli Brand is better coz it won't get soggy and it is easier to fry too :D

We have never like to add meat stuff or fried eggs in our bee hoon and I don't know why but it has always been vegetarian style.......I soaked some dried mushroom (Remember Mr. Mushroom heheh), carrots, cabbage & french beans :D

Stir-fried all the vegetables and add in salt to taste plus vegetarian oyster sauce with dash of pepper as well. Instead of just adding plain water last night, since my Mom-in-law boiled some winter-melon soup, I added that into my bee hoon too so it is more fragrant this way.

Oh Gosh! Just by blogging this makes me hungry again kekekek........

After it was cooled.....packed into the lunch box and there goes D's yummy lunch this afternoon :D Oh....I have packed some for myself too garnished with lots of red cut chilli of course ;-) special vegetarian bee hoon and I love to fry this during family gathering, potluck or even BBQ to go with all the meaty stuff especially curry chicken :D

Yo! It's 4th July - Here's to all my American buddies, Happy Independence Day folks :D

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