Appreciating 3Cs Maret 2014

From the bottom of my heart......THANK YOU! I truly appreciate all your three Cs - Care, Comfort & Concerns :D

Sorry I have been keeping you lovely folks in suspense but I have been busy trying to clear up my office tasks and getting things sorted out at home.

After the final scan result on Monday, I've been scheduled to go for a day surgery tomorrow and yes, I am still very much nervous and heart is no longer pulsating - it sank :( No panic folks.....I knew this is just the 'path' to go and have to 'brave the storm' so to speak :'(

Although the air is seeping out of the balloon as far as my energy level is concern but somehow work took the pressure off my mind for a while today and now, as I look at all your lovely comments it sure perked me up :D

I would be kidding myself if I say I am not scare when D accompany me to the hospital first thing in the morning tomorrow but still, I did remember saying this to myself all the time that "There Is Always Sunshine After The Rain" so there.....;D (Optimism still very much in my bone hehe....)

So, no worries folks! I'll be 'out of blog action' for the next couple of days but I hope you'll still be here waiting for me dearest pals.....thank you once again :D - I'll remember your three precious Cs!
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