Durian Feast 2007 Maret 2014

Durians ~ you either luv it or you don't!

I can luv it and not crave for it too hehe.....very easy-going :)

Anyhoo........let's enjoy this Durian Feast 2007 shall we at my Company's premises last week.

Save the Earth, recycle the banner and re-use it every year the banner money every year and buy more durians hahaha.....good idea!

Fresh from the durian plantation in Malaysia as we engaged the contractors to transport these lovely fruits over.

When we young, we were told that durian is the king of the fruit so obviously mangoesteen is the queen lor :D

You would notice that there is no peaches this year, still all staff weren't mind coz afterall the main attraction is the King.

Before everyone tucks in, we had a durian opening competition to see who is the fastest one to rip open the shell. I had a go at it too just to build up the fun atmosphere :D

Hey my pal, Steven concentrating on opening his durian, you would notice too that we all need cotton gloves to help us hold on to the pricky fruits.

Just to tempt you folks ~ that's soooo..... succulent and sweet I'm telling you ;) Sometimes we go for the bitter seed too.

Look.....that's what happened at the end of the day, tables after tables of empty shells & seed. It was fun to see that whenever the guy opened one fruit, he would pass it around for everyone to try the texture of the durians.

So, in conclusion, Durian Feast = Bonding + Happy Employees :D
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