Birthday Cheers! Maret 2014

Happy Birthday Buddy Low:D
24 July 2007

Sending a big cheers to my Buddy wishing him Happy 35th Birthday and many many happy returns.

Low is a man of few words - His action speaks louder than words and although I am many years his senior he has always been a buddy cum brother to me :D

We have known each other for 12 years sharing numerous joy & laughter, ups & downs together. I remembered back in 1996-1997 during my 'down time' , he was most 'critical' yet he 'walked' through my crisis.

Only true friends gave constructive criticism coz they want the best for you that's why to this day..... I knew he would be there for me no matter what challenges I faced at work or otherwise.

I reckoned it is probably coz he was a sergeant during his national service day, he has always exude a subtle leadership quality in him.

Anyhoo.....Celebration tonight with some close friends and wishing him all the best & happiness in the world :D

Would you join me to send some greetings to Low too? I bet it would put a smile on his face for sure ;D
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